Friday, June 27, 2008

What I ramble on and on about

This may not interest you. But I thought it was interesting so here is a catalog of sorts as to what this here lil ole blog is about:

Blogging - Yes. I blog about blogging! So very quaint, I know. :)
Raechel - Of course, she is so cute how could I not? ;)
Kevin - Would you believe that I blog about him that much? He won't like that, I don't think! LOL
Menu Plan Monday - Yes, my ever helpful monday post :)
Homeschooling - I guess it is obvious I homeschool :-p
Grandma Sams - Well, she was on my mind a lot this past year, especially. ♥
Stuff life throws at ya
Sickness - Sorry for all the complaining!
Faith's Symptoms - I was really worried about her. I still do at times.
Blogging Videos - I love em. Can't help myself :)
Food - Well. I do like food.... :-p
My other girls - Love love love my girlies!
Scrapbooking related and layouts - Love to scrap normally! :)

And other miscellany!


  1. If we didn't have our random ramblings we probably wouldn't have a blog. Then all that "stuff" just gets stuck in our head and never gets out. I'd go crazy with out the blog. :)

  2. I know my blog is a great outlet for my thoughts and things that I want to share with others. I love your blog and visit daily (which I am sure you have noticed). Keep on rambling...I'm hooked. LOL

  3. So how is Faith these days? Is she doing better?

  4. You know, Faithy still has strange pains and headaches and says strange things sometimes. It just isn't very often anymore. Nothing like it was when we were taking her to the dr. Back then it was like every day, many times a day a symptom would happen. Now it is like once in a while she'll have a bad leg pain or a headache or say something weird all in the same day. And then nothing for a long long time again.

    So I suppose there is nothing to really worry about, but I still do at times.

  5. I would worry too, just like you do, if it were mine. Praise God that it seems to backed off so much. What a mercy.