Sunday, June 29, 2008

We are not getting a little horse for Raechel

BUT we ARE getting a big horse for me... erm... for the girls! LOL Raechel keeps saying we need to get a little horse for her too ;)

Actually, the horse is not a very large one, I would say she is about 14 or 14.5 hands tall. Her name is Babe! I love it :) She is a very old horse, because that is what my mom wanted. She decided to buy a horse for the girls, and it had to be an older one so it wouldn't be too frisky. That way they can get used to handling horses before they get a more active one.

Although, Babe is a pretty active horse, from the owner's account. She is a very pretty bay, and in good physical condition. She is a full-blood Morgan. She is not registered, but we will get her papers with her family history, and could register her if we wanted to.

We; well I... I guess it is mostly me, hope to breed her to a full-blood Morgan stud at some point. I am totally excited about having a horse again!

We TOTALLY forgot the camera though! Can you believe that? Anyone who knows my mom and me will not believe that we forgot a camera. :-p

We won't be able to bring her home until we get all these yard sales out of the way so the barn can get cleared. It will be several weeks.

But we are all excited about Babe :)


  1. Wow! What a great experience for your girls, and what a cool pet! Are you going to have them read Marguerite Henry's "Justin Morgan Had a Horse" for a little history lesson on Babe? ;)

  2. Janie would be so thrilled to be your daughter! LOL She keeps hitting me up for a horse, not going to happen anytime soon. :) I can't wait to see a photo. Welcome, Babe!

  3. That is sooo cool! I know you've wanted a horse for a long time now, and its only fair, since Kevin got his dog and all! hehe! Have fun with Babe!

  4. The Princess and I read "Justin Morgan" and it is great!

    Happy horsing! What a great thing for your girls..and you. :)

  5. Yay, horses are great ! (I used to have one, and a Shetland pony)