Saturday, June 07, 2008

That painting will be too cute

So today at the yard sale, Raechel wanted to go down to Daphne's. And I, being the mean ole mommy that I am, would not let her.

So she marched over to the chair with her arms crossed in front of her little self and did this:

Drama anyone?

A lady who was browsing the clothing pole beside Raechel declared, "That is so CUTE." Obviously she was right, and I had to agree! She said, "I have to get a picture of that. Do you mind if I get a picture of her?"

Of course I didn't mind, as I was pulling out the camera phone, myself! LOL

The lady, who was very sweet, said she draws and does paintings, and that Raechel's little self all pouting on the chair would make such an adorable painting! I am sure her pic was better than mine. But you get the essence of the the little fit-thrower here, I think ;) After she picked her head up, I told her to tell the nice lady thank you for saying she was cute. And when she did, she smiled her little ornery "shy" grin, and told her thank you, and the lady went over to her friend and exclaimed to her about the adorable little blue eyed girl. :)

Then she asked my mom if it was for sure ok if she painted her, because she was so darling! I only wish I would have got her number so she could show me the painting when it was finished!!!


  1. Awwww....that is cute. Kade hasn't done that yet, but he does sometimes pout out his bottom lip, his eyes well with tears and his lips quiver and he gets the sad 'puppy dog eyes' happening - it's all we can do not to laugh because he looks so cute.

  2. Our youngest is our "fit" thrower. It is SO hard not to laugh or want to take a pic. They are just too cute when they are little and mad. LOL!

  3. Huh, I wonder if she'll change anything about the picture, like her clothes or make the chair a wooden chair or anything like that. Wow, that's neat. Hardly anyone ever gets painted anymore. Cool!