Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random Things I Love

From the past few days... Some pics of a few random things I love....

PREGNANT COUSINS! Here is Paula looking all gorgeous at her baby shower this past Saturday. My beautiful, annoying, sweet, annoying, lovable, annoying, adorable & yes, annoying, cousin. Did I mention she is annoying :) I only say that because she refuses to share with us the name they have chosen for the baby. AND YET. She told Jane, a girl I go to church with. The nerd. Can ya tell she is prego? haha She's so little it is almost not visible :)
LITERATE TODDLERS! I love that my girls enjoy writing and reading at a young age. Give 'em a pad of paper and a pen or pencil, and they are happy for hours. This is what she did while waiting for us to load up the car :) Btw, she is not quite literate yet. But it won't be long, I'll tell ya :)
A WORKING MAN!! Oh yes. A man who works hard. Mmm-hmmm.
AND SUSHI!!! My friend Anne took the second, more artsy, pic. We love sushi. And sushi is best when shared with friends who love sushi :) Kela and Cassie even ate some of it. They don't LOVE it. But they said it wasn't bad. :) I could have eaten more! LOL

Isn't sushi pretty?!?!

Well, there ya go. Random things I love, in pics :) Isn't it nice when you have so many things to love in your life?!?!


  1. Great random things ! Paula looks gorgeous :) Kade is a drawer too. At the moment he is learning his colours and shapes (and he's not even 2 yet !). And MMMMMM-MMMMMMMMM...sushi.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the random things you love....but SUSHI! Yuck! LOL! That is just way too "grown up food" for my immature taste buds. I have been experimenting with taking photos at different angles. It is neat to see what a difference it makes in photos. BTW, my computer is fixed and I am officially back! Thank goodness!

  3. Yum. That does look good! I'm a sushi "liker" not lover. I had one once with something that looked like shreds of wood pulp. I have no idea what it was, but it was sooooooooooooo gooooooood!!! I really like knowing what's in my food though. Each time I eat sushi, good or not, I'm wondering..."veggie? fush? dairy?......what IS this???"

  4. Those last pics are making me hungry all over again! :) And Paula looks adorable!

  5. I could eat sushi until I exploded, and the Princess is the same way. When we go to the Japanese place, I have to fend her off with my chopsticks so that I can have a bite.

    Your cousin looks so gorgeous. I love pregnant women!