Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our new guest room

FINALLY. When people have to spend a night with us they won't have to sleep in a bunk bed! :) They even get their own room!! We cleaned all the yard sale stuff out to sell; since we had Aunt Seva's stuff in there, it was piled high to the ceiling! We've made our extra room a sleeping quarters instead of a storage space. After we got it all cleaned out, I painted it plain white again, because we just don't have the extra spending money to buy paint, and my mom always keeps the flat white on hand, so we went with white. And get this, this is my favorite part about this room: It is completely stuff I have been given, mostly from Grandma's and Aunt Seva's estates. :)
That is Kela sitting on the bed :)

The bed was my uncle Danny's. It was special to my grandma and therefore to our family. My uncle Danny was killed by lightning when he was 19 years old. My mom was 18, and she was doing dishes and saw the whole thing. This was in 1968. Grandma Sams did not let anyone go into uncle Danny's room for YEARS. She did not change it for years. Then about 15 years ago she finally allowed people in it. She even let my sister Leanna sleep in there when she lived with Grandma. When we lived with Grandma, we slept in the other room. The other room was my mom's room, but she never slept in there again after Danny died. Both rooms are in the upper "half" story part of the house. The dresser was Danny's too. I am so honored that my mom and her sisters let me have uncle Danny's bed. ♥

The bed is brass, and those cameos were the ones that hung in my Grandma's stair way as long as anyone can remember! :) I love em. I think they are beautiful. The stands were both from Seva's house. The quilt on the bed now won't stay. It is temporary, because it is twin size. But Grandma made it. It was one that she had stored away to give as a gift. There were enough stored away that everyone in the family got one each!

The dresser is REALLY old, too. The bed and dresser were used when they bought them for Danny!
This is one of Seva's hand embroidered table runners. She made it when she was VERY young. I would say embroidering was one of her earlier crafts. She was quite a crafty woman. We sold tons of afghans and plastic canvas do-dads she'd made over the years. She was 88 years old when she died last September. She'd never been married and never had any kids. She never drove, always walked everywhere unless she took the bus, but that was rare. She had tons of stuff in her house that she'd made. I was thrilled when I found several of these beautiful hand embroidered things. :)

I am going to have the one on the right side stand matted and have Kevin build me a frame for it, and put it on the wall above the bed between the cameos.

What do you think?

I love it. Except the rug. I am not overly fond of the rug. :-p My cousin Danny (named after uncle Danny!) gave me the rug years ago. If I had a better one, I would use it. But that is what I got, so that is what I will use!

And now my aunt Linda will have a place to stay when she comes down to visit after we rent out Grandma's house. And my mother and father-in-law will have a place to stay if they decide to move! :)

Pssst! Anne! You can stay here now, if you have to move! ;)


  1. it is very pretty. you did a good job on it.

  2. I love the room. It has character and a heartwarming story. Thanks for visitng today. The video brought me to tears also.

  3. I love the sentimentality of the pieces in the room, Lawanda! It's awesome! I'm glad you're able to use the space now.

  4. Such a sentimental girl you too. I love things that have a story behind them. Very nice room, your guests will enjoy it.

  5. Awww...what a lovely room ! I wanna come and stay at your house :) I have old tablecloths and runners that my grandma embroidered - SUCH treasures.

  6. Nice job on the guest room! I wish we had space for one. I love to have people over.

  7. It looks great! I don't want to move, but if I HAVE to, at least I'll have a pretty room to stay in while we visit (and pig out on sushi!) You guys did a wonderful job!

  8. Fabulous! I remember Seva walking all over the place. She was such a nice lady. What a great room...and such a beautiful model on the bed showing it all off!;) waving at Kela!

    Congrats on getting the room cleared turned out GREAT!

  9. Such a cozy room! What a nice place for guests to stay. I really love that bed frame and dresser.

  10. Hi!

    I am hosting a meme on "Wednesday called Watchin' What We Eat Wednesday." I hope that you will play and post a healthy recipe on your blog and then come back to my blog and link up. I think this will be fun and I hope you can participate.

  11. oh, i love the room! i think you should keep the quilt on there and just add a simple bed skirt. i love it when items and rooms have a story!