Sunday, June 15, 2008

I think he had a good one

Kevin with his gift from Kela:

With his gift from Cassie:

From Faithy:

And Raechel:
I had to let Raechel give him the new wallet because the two oldest girls were fighting over who could give it to him ;)

Btw, a funny aside:

Tonight Kevin got a bowl of cereal. He got it from a bag that had no box on the table. (It was pink, this should have clued him in...)But anyhow, he was enjoying it, Kela asked him how he liked it and he said it was really good! So then we all start laughing as Kela told him it was PRINCESS cereal. Kevin cracked up, as we all were. Then he proceeded to get him a bowl of "more macho" cereal: Cocoa Dyno Bites ;)

I thought it was funny ;)


  1. Your hubby looks as happy as mine did about having his pic taken. Mine refused so I just took a pic of the basket! Tomorrow I am going to Pkbg! Can't wait to stop at Crafts 2000 and the Scrap Shack. I love the Scrap Shack. Do you go there? The lady who owns it is SO nice.

  2. Aw, love the pictures of your husband with his girls. He's a lucky man!

  3. not father's day related, but oh well.

    No, you didn't miss my hair posts. I haven't done them yet. I keep forgetting to do them and they take so much extra time in the am since I am not only fixing my hair, but I am taking photos too. I will try and get to them this week. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Too funny! My girls love princess cereal too! Thanks for the compliments on my house, it is definitely a work in progress, but I am happy so far.
    Have a great week!