Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am looking forward to just a leetle quiet

We have had out-of-town company these past two weeks + normal company!

Last week we had my cousin's little girl, Patience, here with us. When I took her home Saturday and went to VBS with my Aunt Linda (Patience is her grand-daughter) the preacher's daughter came home with us :)

Both girls were good, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having them down, but after she leaves tonight, I was looking forward to spending time with my OWN young'ns.

But of course, Kela had different ideas! She was just beggin' me to let her have one of her friends stay all night tonight. Actually she was fighting with me over it. My "No" wasn't good enough. I do not like that. Not at all. So, I refused to answer her when she was asking me why, and just told her no. Now, just so you know, she just had a friend stay last night. ~~~ Oh, yeah. LAST NIGHT. I babysat as well. So we had the two lil Childers girls here, plus Brooklyn - the preacher's daughter, plus Kela's friend Emily, plus my own 4 girls. That is 8, count 'em EIGHT, giggling girls! Thank goodness for the pool!! It wore them down, so they went to bed at midnight and conked out! LOL

Do ya think I deserve a little peace tomorrow? Because then we are headin' up to Wellsburg again for my cousin Nathan's get-together. Which Kevin is not thrilled about, and so therefore I feel bad about. So no peace there. But we HAVE to go. We are bringing a girl back home with us.

Just a leetle peace is all I want tomorrow. To be home, not have anywhere to go, just sit around, eat, clean up a little bit..... You know, homebody stuff! :)


  1. I would be completely wore out..there would just be no way! Get some rest girlfriend I mean it!

  2. It sounds like you definately deserve some quiet time!

  3. That would wear me out! Have you tried hiding in the bathroom yet? ;)

  4. You are a better woman than I. I would be holed up in the bathroom with a case of Little Debbie's oatmeal snack cakes at that point.


  5. Wow, you had a houseful. You definitely need some down time after all those gigglin' girls!

  6. It felt like I was reading a post from my week with the cousins! It is fun but you do look forward to "normal chaos." LOL

  7. No, we do not homeschool manga dork anymore. She did K in public school. Then 1st-3rd we homeschooled her. 4th grade was at a christian academy. 5th and 6th was public school.

  8. I think I'd lock myself in the bathroom, or them... I'd lock them in the bathroom. :)

    Hee.. I just read the other replies to this post and see that two others suggested hiding in the bathroom.

    Great minds, great minds.. :)