Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Awesome videos

Saw this on Carrie's site. This girl rocks my face off! Click her other videos and watch this talent!

And then there are these girls AMA-ZA-ZING! If only those people on Nashville Star could sing like this:

Speaking of Nashville Star... Did anyone else catch it last night? All I wanted to do was hide my head and sing at the top of my lungs so I couldn't hear! I couldn't turn the tv off, the kids wanted to watch it. In spite of it being the most horrid show EVER, apparently.


  1. I have never been to scrap Camp but talked to Michelle about the last one she had. My daughter and I want to attend one in the future. I knew Michelle from the homeschool group. I also belonged to WCCH (or is that the same one she belonged to?) I can't remember the names. I think there was 2 in Wood County.

  2. Cool videos! The singing brought tears to my eyes and the accents were great. The first London one was my mother-in-law's.

  3. I thought it was horrible too, it was my first time to watch it, I could not believe it, though there were a few good singers
    Way to go, 2 more pounds to go, thanks for stopping

  4. Okay- I just spent 20 minutes watching Amy Walker on You Tube... she is great with the accents!