Wednesday, May 14, 2008

To town no more, oh it is a wish.

Gas is nearly $4 a gallon, and I have been to town every day this week.

I am normally only in town on Tuesdays for WW, Wednesdays for Story Hour, and Thursdays for Sign Language Class. But I went Monday to give my mil her flowers ♥ and tomorrow I have to go into town TWICE. Once to get my stain for my cabinets, and once to go to the last sign language class. My jingling pockets will only be pennies!

I will be glad when I stay at home all week, and only go into town for groceries, once every two weeks. *that was wishful thinking, btw*


Speaking of Sign Language Class, I wanted to show you something pretty cool, in case you've never seen someone do a song in ASL (American Sign Language) :)

This one is for my girls, HUGE Taylor Swift fans ;)

This second one is just really pretty :) This girl is fabulous.

This girl is FABULOUS too, but she is doing Exact English Signing and Pidgeon Signing. Which means the signs are more on track with the words, and in order, so easier for hearing people to follow maybe, but not really great for deaf people who only do ASL... I love this song, as well :)

I have to add this one, because I love the [edited] version of Gold Digger. His version is NOT edited, so bad words abound, but it is REALLY cool to see it signed. I laughed out loud the entire time. (I usually laugh throughout that song, anyway, but this was hysterical to me, especially the part about the fries, and his ambition. ROFLOL!!) ;)

Just thought I would give you the option to click or not to click, since I started this out titled with poetic meter ;) (haha! Just ignore my goofy self...) :-p


  1. Those are cool videos, Lawanda. I have seen songs sung in sign language. Very cool!

  2. They are awesome, thanks for sharing !

    Sometimes one of our children's tv programs has a presenter who is deaf and signs. I think it's great ! They sing kids songs and she signs, so the children watching can (over time) learn the signs to the song.

    Kade doesn't really sign much anymore now that he is speaking. I SO appreciate that he learned the little bit I learned in order to teach him because it truly made mothering a young baby SO much easier !

  3. My sis-in-law used to be one of the sign language interpreters for her church. Unfortunately, her MS is causing her a loss of usage of her hands and blindness. :(

  4. cool videos
    I love to be that good at sign, but i know i never will.

    as for the outragous gas prices, I only go to mom's once a week because I can't afford the gas to run out there more often. If we still lived out of town that far I don't know what we'd do for gas...definately wouldn't be coming to town for anything but work and groceries....these prices are CRAZZZZY! I guess it finally makes me glad we live in town now.