Friday, May 16, 2008

The party was fabulous!

I got to [try to] speak to several deaf people. Including my sil! She came! YAY! One couple there were telling about their kids, and I only got lost a few times. hehe

My thing is I get so lost in watching them, and figuring out the signs, that I don't always get the gist of the entire conversation/sentence. So I can basically repeat everything they sign, and still not understand what they just said to me! Yeah, I am bright that way. :-p

But it was still fun.

I am wishing I could practice more. I always feel so dumb when I am signing. I make so many mistakes. But they are always so patient! Really. It is amazing.

Nicole told me to stop talking to her and start talking to everyone else. She said, "You're not being shy are you?!" hahaha

After the party we came home and I looked at my house and said, "FORGET THIS CRAZINESS!" and stuck the Harry Potter cd in that I have been listening to, and got Raechel on my lap and listened to it for a while.

Then we both fell asleep. :)

Kevin cam in and picked Raechel up and put her to bed, and then he came in and took me to bed. Although he didn't pick me up. Guess I'll need to lose a bit more weight before that'll happen! LOL

So tomorrow is the O'Dell Reunion. I will be sad. Because last year Grandma couldn't come to the reunion. Because she was so ill. *tears*

And also, Paula won't be coming in, because she is too prego to want to ride 2 hours to sit at a reunion for 2 hours and ride home for 2 more hours.. hehe ;) Can't say that I blame her. But it makes it less pleasant for the rest of us, who will miss her. :-p


  1. Babies are often able to repeat what they hear long before they actually understand the words. That's the way it is with language. I want to learn sign language too!

  2. I so admire your learning ASL. That is awesome. I'm glad you had a good time at the party. :)

  3. i think your amazing, I will one day need to learn to sign (my sister is losing more of her hearing every year) but I just keep putting it off. I'm to lazy I guess.