Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little photographers

My kids love to take pics of themselves and each other with my phone camera.

Some of them are sort of artsy, like this gem:
I have no idea whose foot it is... Probably Faith's...

Faith especially loves to take self portraits:
But so does Cassie...
And Raechel too....They also take them of each other:
I thought that one of Cassie was especially pretty...

I took this one today, so I guess the obsessiveness over the camera phone is in their genes...


  1. What, is Kela's picture-taking finger broken? Or is it a teen thing? ;)

    Such pretty girls!

    And I absolutely love the foot picture. So cool!

  2. Hahaha! I wondered too. There were none from Kela this time. She must have been to busy doing "other stuff"... LOL

  3. These are actually some pretty good pictures. You have some cute girls, so that helps!