Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is it so crazy?

We are not having a dishwasher in my new kitchen.

Go ahead, gasp in astonishment. Yea, that's the general reaction. Or give me a weird look and say, "WHAT, WHY NOT?"

I don't want a dishwasher.

Firstly, I don't mind doing dishes. As a matter of fact, I had a broken dishwasher for about 4 or 5 years before I got this one, and my dishes were kept up better without the crazy thing.

Secondly, I think it takes too much water, and my water bill has tripled in the last few months. TRIPLED. TRIPLED!!! I cannot afford a dishwasher.

Thirdly, I believe in character building chores for children, don't you? And hey, what's more character building than taking a kitchen full of dirty dishes and making them shiny and clean with your own hands? Well, it sounds good anyway.

Fourthly, I prefer doing dishes rather than sweeping floors. And if I can do the dishes and make my kids do the sweeping, then I am all for it. This way they think I am doing the hard job ;) Which prolly cancels out my thirdly, but I never was very good at consistency in my theories. ;) haha

Fifthly, Am I not allowed to NOT have a dishwasher if I don't want one? It's a free country, people. Leave me alone already!

Sixthly, I wanted the space for a place to hide away my enormous trashcan. So it just works out better all the way around.

Seventhly (yes there is a seventhly even though my spell checker thinks I am insane), I think they are ugly.

So see? A well thought out, reasonable answer as to why it is NOT crazy to NOT want a dishwasher.


  1. We haven't had a dishwasher for several years, and we get by just fine. Natalie used to do the daytime (breakfast and lunch) dishes, but said she'd rather clean the bathroom, so we traded. I do use a lot of paper plates for quick lunches during homeschooling days. So I guess I'm not very "green."

  2. lol I have never had a dish washer. Although these days I am "training" one.....Bridey!! I just started making her do the dishes in the last couple of months. She does an okay job. There are a few things I have to go over and redo but not very often. So I'm with ya, who needs a sinkin dishwasher. :)

  3. We've gone without a dishwasher a couple of times and it wasn't pretty! ;) That said, I do know a lot of people are happier without one. Just go with what works for you and your household.

  4. I can't imagine life without one, but I am a major dish soiler when cook. But I envy you the extra kitchen space. :)

  5. Love the double negitives there Miss Lawanda. lol! ;)

    I think what you said is perfectly reasonable. I dislike all kitchen chores myself so we have a dishwasher. But there are things I can do without and probably should. hehe.

    We have only one car. Our family doesn't need more than one. So why have another car payment, contribute more pollution, pay more in insurance and gas? We don't. Many people gasp that we have only one. lol!

    Hope you enjoy your new cabnetry!

  6. Just wanted to stop by and say "Hi" and thanks for posting a comment on my little blog over at homeschool blogger. We are in the Charleston area. Hope to see pics of your new kitchen soon.
    Charlotte Spears
    Cozy Home School

  7. I agree with you completely. We have a dishwasher and it has not been used since we moved in. people think I am nuts, but I hate the thing. I have to wash the dishes before I put them in basically anyway so what is the point!

  8. GASP! But I have always known you were crazy!