Thursday, May 22, 2008

If it's ok with everyone involved

I would like to just sink into oblivion. Like everything else in my house. We have lost so many things lately I feel like the biggest loser ever. Ignore the pun. Seriously. I feel like I am the world's worst mother and house keeper. My house is kept alright. Kept in a constant state of disarray. :( Which means things get lost. And it is all my fault. Waaa.

We have lost:

CD #6 in the 1984 audiobook that we, no... that *I* borrowed from the library.

The password for Cassie's new email. Which normally wouldn't bother me, since I am usually pretty good at remembering passwords. Dagnabit. Plus it usually wouldn't bother me to just forget the whole thing and make a new email, but I really liked hers. (ferwinafyn, meaning smart kid in Welsh, remember?) *sigh*

Cassie's school notebook
. This one is really irritating me. Beyond words. Because without it, she has NONE of her school work for the year. Well. None may be exaggerating a bit, but STILL. it has the biggest bulk of her school work for the year. And she lost it. I told her this means she is just going to have to do 5th grade over. I am so mad. At her. At myself. I have been going through the house looking for these things and cursing. Don't worry. I am not cursing out loud. (I know, I know. God hears me. But I am also praying to find this stuff, so hopefully it is forgivable.) *sigh*

Oh, and what else? My cousin Paula, let me borrow her Alias Season 1 dvd set. We lost the case. Not too bad, I know, but STILL. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

We have also lost various other things that are adding to my irritation, but really do not matter in the not-so-grand scheme of things around here.


  1. Yep. Frustrating isn't it? I'm threatening my brood with another round of Spring cleaning! ;) I am sorry that it has you feeling so down. I'll be praying for ya.

  2. awww don't feel bad, I find that things turn up when you least expect them. Cliche I know but it does seem to be true. I/we lose things CONSTANTLY!! not hard to do considering there is no room in this house to put anything, so stuff is laying everywhere, but I usually find them in the end when I have stopped looking for them. so hang in there.

  3. Stop stressing, stop looking, and then you'll find them. Anyway, what's to say YOU lost them at might have been the house elves playing tricks on you ! ;)

  4. Yea, it's got to be those pesky lil house elves! ;)