Friday, May 23, 2008

I need to gear up

I am a horrible self-motivator. So pardon me while I try to talk myself into a better self-help mood. I really have SO MUCH TO DO. So I need to motivate myself.

I made my mood on MySpace: ninja. hehe

I need to go at this like a warrior. My family NEEDS ME! They need me to not be grumpy, but to be nice; and to help, not to yell! Yes I yell. Does that surprise you? I yell when I am in a good mood too, so it is not an anger thing so much. I'm just loud. LOL

They need me to guide them: not just tell them what to do, but show them by my example! (Oh that's hard.)

This is all hard. I think I am too lazy to be a good mommy. :(

I am not much of a ninja, either. :-p

But I am going to try to get things done today, and try not to mentally or emotionally drag my kids down into my doom and gloom mood. I must be on my pseudo-period. I have pseudo-periods because of my IUD... Instead of real ones... No flow, or very little; but with all the bloating, depression, mindless irritation, and all that pretty stuff. :-p


  1. Yea! Three cheers for Lawanda!

  2. If you go to the bottom of my left column, there is a link to the stat counter website. It is totally free and you can see how many visitors you get to your blog and it tells you the keywords people use to search for your blog as well.

  3. I like StatCounter a lot more than Sitemeter. SM loads your 'puter up with funky cookies. (And they're not even tasty cookies.) Now, Lawanda, you can see how many of us are flocking to read your blog. :) Now you will see even the lurkers.

    BTW, know what else you have lost? Over 15 lbs. HOLY COW, that is great. "You so totally rock, Squirt! Gimme fin! Noggin! Duuude." :)

  4. Aw, I hear ya! I'm not much of a self-motivator either. Tomorrow, just pick ONE thing that you will accomplish, and feel really good about doing that one thing. It works to perk me up a bit.