Friday, April 25, 2008

This one time at Scrap Camp....


If you don't get the reference, that is probably better. LOL

Hadias asked if I scrapbook. Well I have been an avid scrapper for years. Right now I am unfortunately being a bad scrapper. (SORRY MICHELLE!!!) I go through spells like this every so often. I just have no desire to even look at scrappy stuff. It doesn't usually last too awful long, but I have been known not to pick up scrappy stuff for up to a year. (Right before and during my pregnancy with Raechel, for instance.)

But I thought I would show you some of my scrappy things.

Here are the last couple of pages I shared.

Here are some of the pages I shared that I had done at Fall Scrap Camp last year.

If you wanna click Here, you can read about my other scrappy adventures ;) haha Or if you wanna click Here you can see some of my other layouts.

Oh and if you wanna get a laugh, read my cousin's paper on scrapbookers! It was hilarious!


  1. Cute pages! I'm lucky if I get around to getting pictures in albums. I won't even attempt to be a scrapper. (I did once, it never went far.)

  2. It's about time to get back in the scrappy mood!

  3. nice pages! I am finally back in the scrappy world after completly stopping after Ruby was born. I can't believe all the cool new products! Chipboard for instance! Who knew I would pay good money for some crap cardboard cut into fancy shapes? Gosh I love it though!

    Oh and the title of your post cracked me up! LOL I get it!

  4. oh and have you seen this web-site! So addictive and so much fun! (scrap in style)

  5. I enjoyed looking at all of your work. I had no idea. All of this that I have been visiting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I managed to get about four and a half (don't ask) lay-outs finished last week. That just leaves about 25 more until I'm sort of caught up! ;)