Friday, April 11, 2008

Raechel says the cutest things!

This week she's said two cute things I want to record! :)

* First she was sitting in the chair next to me, and she said:

"Mommy, did you know that Gamma fanfossen (Vanfossen) spits out hers teef?"

ROFLOL My mom has false teeth ;) So I said I knew it and asked her if she could do it. She said,

"No, Mommy. Ours teef are hard to spit out. See." Wherewith she attempted to "spit out" her own. And she told Cassie to try it too. :) and said, "See Mommy."

* Raechel is always saying that Daphne (my brother's middle girl) is her friend, and she is always talking about her, Daphne did this or that...

Another sweet thing she said yesterday: "Daphne is here Mommy! She is my special friend."

Is that not the SWEETEST?! :-D

Raechel can officially spell her name now too! She can sign it as well, but she is not quite so confident with that part. She writes it, but does not get all the letters. When she spells it she almost always forgets the extra "e"! Which almost makes me wish we'd just spelled it normally. But only almost, because the reason it is spelled that way is because she was named after someone special to me! :)

I will try to get some video of her spelling her name to share. Since I know you live for that ;) haha


  1. Funny false teeth story....when our 3 year old was just starting to pull up to things she got hold of my Mom's top false teeth. Luckily Mom had just cleaned them and had laid them down to do something real quick. The site of our baby chewing on those teeth was hilarious and gross. That is the closest I had been to peeing on myself laughing. LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the kid's stories.

  2. how cute!! Your girls are always very adorable.
    btw I liked all the hair cuts. and I think yours is very cute. I've been wanting to chop mine off but I'm a little scared. Last 2time I had my hair cute short it made me look like a boy until it started to grow out. UGH.

  3. Thank you for the link Lawanda.

    Alot of what Elizabeth writes about confirms what I belive to be a correct means of raising children.

    The website will be really helpful in moving forward. I have already read about seven of her topics and I agree with all of the methods.

    Thanks again. BTW, I have left a comment to be enetered in your giveaway on the original post.

  4. I can remember trying to take out my teeth after watching my grandpa do it too. I was fascinated by the fact that he could do it. He didn't do it near often enough for my taste. lol

  5. just wanted to let you know that I don't think you are spamming me. I love comments!