Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh you know, just birthing cows and stuff...

:) That is what I have been up to today... LOL Seriously. Although my main part in the process was merely to turn off the electric fence. ;) My dad had to pick up the calf from the other side of the fence, where he'd rolled down the hill and under it! The mama could not get to her baby because of the electric fence. S o daddy hollered up at me to turn it off, and then me and Leanna (we were out walking, because we are good girls like that ;)) ran down to see if we could help, but the calf had already been born, and Daddy had already put it back into the field with his mama.

I still consider that helping, though! What good is it to live near cows if you never get to brag that you helped them give birth, right?! LOL

Here are mama and baby when we left. Working their way up the hill, baby was a bit stronger and did not keep falling and rolling down the hill. The mama kept bawling at him everytime he stumbled and rolled. It was hilarious. She finally let him nurse after several minutes of falling and bawling ;)


  1. Awww...well I am sure glad that calf is okay - well done for helping !

  2. AWWW see this is what I miss about living in town. I really miss helping the animals on the farm give birth. You did a good job. ;)
    love the picture of mama cow and baby onthe hill.

  3. That is very cool! I never got to do that on my grandparents farm. I watched a few being slaughtered, though. Not as cool as helping birth. :-P (but still sorta cool. lol)