Monday, April 28, 2008

My niece came in 3rd!

At the County Spelling Bee!

It was SOO nerve wracking! For ME! I cannot imagine being HER! LOL

She misspelled caution. She goes like this:

C O looong pause TION very quickly. Cuz she knew she had the first part wrong, but there are no start overs. We were so excited for her to have made it that far. The first thing she did after wards (well, and beforehand, for that matter) was run over to Faith and clutch her in a hug. And she would not let her go! :) It was sweet.

Kevin is working over this week to finish up some major projects so we have not even eaten supper yet. Randall took all the older girls to DQ for a celebratory Blizzard :) So I am here with Daphne and Raechel waiting for everyone to come home and eat. Although the girls will likely not want to eat now! LOL