Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Look what I was given!

From Ed & Mazie's house. Mommy has been there all day, with Kela. They have been working their butts off to get ready for the sale. Which we are going to have on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I am so excited about this adorable ceramic tea set!! Mazie said I could have it as a keepsake of her and Ed. I am hoping to ask her the details of how they got it, soon. It may have been an awesome yard sale find, or it may have had some other sentimental value :)

And these are the dishes Ed and Mazie went to housekeeping with! They are GORGEOUS irl. There is a gold line around the rim. These were made in the Pottery, as Mazie calls it, in Newell WV. Which is where Ed and his dad, and even Mazie worked for many years... I adore the sugar bowl and cream pitcher!! :)

Mazie wants one of my girls to have these dishes, and her every day dishes too. Is that not sweet of her?! ♥

(This post was edited, because I mostly posted it really quickly because I wanted Anne to see my pretty new things! haha Sorry about that!)



  1. Cute stuff! Be sure to share the story behind the tea set! My grandmother's hobby was china painting and I picked up a love of tea sets and their stories (they always seem to have one, too!) from her.

  2. It is always nice to get things with sentimental value. I was recently given my grandmother's metal measuring cups. When I was little we used to drink milk from them and eat cornbread. The first thing I did when I got them was pour myself a cup of milk and revisit my childhood.

  3. Those are just beautiful. You'll have to post their stories for us.

  4. Oh pretty! You need to have a tea party!

  5. Very pretty. You have been a very blessed women this week.