Friday, April 18, 2008

I am going to extend the giveaway and other news

Maybe some more people will wander by and sign up! :)

I am not going to be able to mail it out til Tuesday anyhow, so I figured I may as well extend it and give a few others a chance at the lovely head bands! :)

Kevin and I are going on a 4wheeler poker run tomorrow. I am excited and nervous and sort of uneasy about it too. I am not uneasy about the 4wheeler riding. That'll be a blast!!! Just some of the company we are going with, I am not thrilled about. Only one person, really. The others are awesome. And it isn't that I don't like the person, it is just I cannot believe he is going with us 4wheeler riding instead of spending time with his kids. But, I can understand he needs to get away sometimes, too. So, I will try not to be all judgmental about it..... But I am feeling it, so I needed to type it out... :-p

If you read my food blog, you know that Kevin & I have been trying to get up early to walk, and we have managed it the past two days! YAY! Aren't you proud of us? I am. I made the kids get up early this morning too, because last night they were bouncing off the walls and I was exhausted. In Sign Language Class, I kept falling asleep!!!! LOL Sad. But, I managed to keep from snoring til I got into bed at 10:00 ;) haha

And a cute video by Kela :)

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