Thursday, April 03, 2008


I cannot believe my Cassie is 11!

We are having her and Samantha a joint skating party tonight. We have been inviting everyone we know, so I hope we have a big crowd. I love to roller skate! We went a couple weeks ago to a party for a boy at church, and I fell 4 times. I never fall when I skate, I do not know why I kept falling. I am wondering if it was because I had not eaten a lot that day. That was one of my first weeks on WW, and I was pretty hungry those first few weeks. (Actually, I am still hungry a lot.) I was really impressing the kids, though, because I can skate backwards! Although not very gracefully. :-p

Anyway. For the cakes, I got them on order at walmart. Samantha wanted whipped cream icing, and a Tinker Bell cake, and Cass wanted butter cream icing and a Hula girl or Littlest pet shop cake. We were going to combine Cassie's ideas and put a hula skirt on her littlest pet shop Owl, but I don't think they ever found the Owl... so we may just have to put a Polly pocket on there in a grass skirt! LOL Samantha had a Tinker Bell doll she wanted on hers. We are going to stick her on top, hopefully perched right on Samantha's name. If they make the cake how I asked them to. Which prolly won't happen. I mean, I went to walmart and asked for a hair cut to my shoulders and got it to my chin, so.....

Btw. I really want to thank EVERYONE for the encouraging words about my hair. It was such a huge step, and it feels so weird, and I just cannot kick the feeling that I look weird too. But kind words definitely helped! At church tonight, most everyone said they loved it. But you could really see the shock! LOL

I will post pics later of the birthday girl. I just wanted to post this before heading to bed! :)


  1. Happiest of birthdays Cassie and Samantha!

  2. Woo-hoo! Happy birthdays, girls!!

  3. YAY!
    Happy,Happy,Happy Birthdays!!!

    I'm glad your feeling better about your hair. You really do look great! I can totally understand the shock and horror of having it chopped off totally NOT the way you'd wanted it.
    I went in and asked for it to be cut up to my collarbone (it was just about to my pits) and I walked out of there with the LONGEST layer at my chin and it only got SHORTER from there.

    It will grow, best thing to do is try and find something else to obsess about to pass the time, like our weight/diet/exercise/weight watchers! ;)

  4. Well, I'm not happy unless I'm obsessing about something! :)