Wednesday, April 23, 2008

For better or for worse

My poor kids have my genes.

I could not sleep (Yeah, I hope none of them have inherited the insomniac gene... :-p) so I was thinking. Over thinking, I am sure. I was thinking about my kids, and how I am having such a hard time getting along with them lately.

Kela is nearly a teen. She is SUCH a mother hen. I was such a mother hen! For example: I remember thinking at age 10, that one of my friend's moms really was not a very good mom. Why, you might ask? Because I hung out with her daughter, age 8, and when we played Barbies, said daughter only wanted to have her Barbie and Ken make out. All the time. I tell ya. It got old. And I clearly, like it was 5 minutes ago, remember her mother braggingly remarking, "That Jenny, she is 8 going on 28." and smirking. I was appalled. Appalled, I tell you! At the age of 10, I was thinking that woman was going to have problems with that girl. And guess what? She did.

That isn't all. I was always "the babysitter" no matter where I was. That is the ONLY reason I was elected President of my 4-H group for however many years I was president... I think 4 years? I forget. But I know that is why. Because I babysat ALL those kids! They thought I was the coolest! haha

Kela, she is JUST LIKE ME! She is always mothering. She enjoys delegating. She does it like a pro. I honestly don't remember being bossy, but my mom says I was. And Kela is lil miss bossy pants. And this is where we have our problem.

Two mothers, they sometimes clash. There is really only room for one mother. The actual mother. Because let's face it, she is only 12. She doesn't know as much as she thinks she does. And this is where we start to rub each other the wrong way.

I feel like she thinks she has to know every bit of the grown up business of the house. I also feel she is not capable of handling it. She is only 12! I parent on a "need to know" kinda system. Kela does not like this. She really does get all up in my business! ACK!

But I am going to have to figure out a better way to deal with this, because I don't want to hurt her self esteem. And I am afraid I might be.

So I think I am going to have to have huge long chat with her about it.

I was going to post about Cassie too, but this got so long, I think I will make it a separate post.... LOL


  1. And this is the part where I am soooo glad I have two boys ! LOL

    Hey, I signed up for a freebie today which was US addresses only, so the girls should expect a little parcel in the post (to share) within 6-8 weeks. It's nothing exciting, just a box of pastels, but I thought they might use them.


  3. Ditto, my eldest, was a lot like that. He still is, but at nearly 17 it no longer seems so imperative to protect him (even from his own enthusiasm). I remember praying about things quite a bit and ending up shifting my thinking from teaching what I thought he needed to know at each age to teaching him what he wanted to know and was asking about. I figured if he wanted to know, I might as well strike while the iron was hot because chances are he would eventually need it and if I waited to long to get ready to teach him he might lose interest while waiting on me. My advice to you would be to just pray about things and see where G-d leads you in dealing with your daughter.

  4. That is freaky, when i read that it was like reaading about me and Bridey!! But the said thing is Bridey is only 9. If you figure out a good way to deal with it please share!!!!I could use the help before all my hair turns gray.

  5. I think it is an eldest child thing, because the Princess has this in spades right now, and she's nine. I could just about duct tape her mouth some days.