Thursday, April 24, 2008

For better or for worse Part Deux

So moving on to Cassie. My poor, poor second child. Who also inherited my genes.

This girl is SO EMOTIONAL. Sheesh. And has very little self control! Let me just tell you what happened day before yesterday.

I had told Cassie when she turned 11 I would let her have her own email. So she came up with a REALLY cute one: ferwinafyn! She is SO CREATIVE! She used a language thingie online to come up with it, it means "smart kid" in Welsh! (More like her daddy in that regard than her mama... but anyway...) Her new email was supposed to be ferwinafyn@ whatever.

I thought.

Noooooo! No, no , no, no. It HAD to be ferwinafyn@ a specific mail dot com. No substitutions, variations, or modifications allowed, apparently. Because I made it at a different mail dot com. And then I went to tell her. I was excited. I was thinking, SHE is going to be SO EXCITED!

Not so.

She burst into tears!!! And ran away!!! I mean literally. Ran away. I actually had no idea she ran away. I heard Raechel crying. Kela brought her in, and I asked her what was the matter, and she said, "My Cassie runned away, and I miss her." (It only happened like two seconds before. Drama anyone? haha But we'll get to poor Raechel at a later date! haha)

So I asked Kela what the deal was, and she said, "Well, Cassie was upset with you because she wanted a different email. So she said she is running away." I was SO MAD! I told Kela to stay here and let Cassie alone, because obviously, being the mother hen she is, Kela insisted on going to find her and try to make her feel better... She says she didn't hear me, but whatever! Kela just did not listen to me. LOL

So, anyway, she went after Cassie. They were both gone for about 20 minutes. I had 4 phone calls in the mean time. I was so upset I was ranting to everyone who called. Well, except the bank guy. haha

Finally they came back, and Cassie was throwing a fit, because she thought I would change my mind and give her the email she wanted if threatened with her leaving, but obviously I am not going to do that for the sake of principle! haha So she was at first throwing a fit, and then, when she realized I meant it when I said, "this mail or no email", she calmed down and said she guessed this email was ok.

Now, I never did run away. She is not like me in that regard, but my goodness. I am such an emotional person. I totally wear my heart on my sleeve, and so does Cassie! I have got better at hiding my emotions since I got older, but I remember feeling like I was not in control of anything and lashing out with melodrama! haha

I think it was the books. Because she is a reader too. She is JUST like me that way. We would rather read than do almost anything else. If we get stuck in a good book, we are just that: STUCK! ;)

Another way Cassie is like me is that she is SO DISORGANIZED. That has not got any better for me over the years. It is in part just my personality type, and hers. Because I have to have someone tell me exactly how to do something before I can do it, and so does Cassie. For instance: I cannot tell her to clean up the house. I have to be way more specific and narrow it way down. I have to tell her: pick up all the clothes on your floor. Not even a: pick up the stuff on your floor. She just does not operate that way. When she has the clothes picked up THEN I can say, now put away all the books on your floor. Then I can say: pick everything else up and throw it away or put it in its place.

See Kela, she can do it all if you tell her to "clean up your room".... She gets that from her dad, because I am exactly like Cassie. I need detailed instructions, one at a time. Or I get frustrated and lost and confused.

Poor kid! What a thing to inherit from me. LOL


  1. I'm also disorganized and get overwhelmed when I think of "cleaning the kitchen", but if I break it down into pieces, like do the dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor, I can handle it. I have to do that for my kids too.

  2. Oh Lawanda, it sounds like you have having a tough time with the girls. So sorry! I hope it all gets a little easier soon!

  3. Ah, being a mother of boys, this makes me once again thankful. ;)

    *fourth time trying to post... I can't read these stupid word verification letters! I should be in bed!