Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't you love it?

This is a preview of sorts as to what I am going to be giving away for my third giveaway! My second giveaway, starting tomorrow, is going to be some scrappy stuff. (Coming soon, Cin! So sorry bout that! :-p)

Isn't it cute?! (I'm sorry Anne, I couldn't wait, so I took a pic too :) *giggle*)

Don't you want one?!?!?!?! Be sure to check back on Tuesday when the giveaway shall begin, because a headband is only part of it! *excited squeal*

Oh, and here is the long awaited (hehe) video of Raechel signing/spelling her name! Not too shabby for a 3 year old, huh?! (I only helped her a little bit. Actually I was trying to help her sign H and confused her into thinking it was a J somehow! LOL)


  1. Cute headband, L!

    And R is the cutest thing too. I just love your hair (and hers) cut shorter!

  2. Hehe, too cute Miss R !!

    Nooo...I don't need to win any more scrap stuff - but thanks :) (unless it's the new Fiskars Threading Water punch because that isnt even IN Australia yet LOL)

  3. Cute headband and even cuter little one!

  4. Raechel is just to cute!!

    the headband is cute too and really cute with your short hair!! ;)