Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I bought the rest of our books today!! I got Walsch (sp?) Chemistry, and some more Latin Books. The Latin book I have is from my high school Latin class... and I think it was a bit to advanced for them, so I got some that were more on a primary level. I am so pumped! The girls are actually about finished with all their school, and they already said they are starting the algebra (which I bought a few weeks ago) as soon as they are done. I guess we all like new books. It won't last though!

And just a few thoughts on our experiences with public and home schooling:
I homeschooled my girls until the older two, Kela and Cassie, were in 3rd and 1st grades, at which point I sent them to public school. I liked it both ways. Although I cried every day for the first...hmmm, I'd say the first 4months or so. I still had Faithy home with me, or I prolly would have gone off the deep end!! Then when Faithy was K age, she went to school too. Altogether Kela went 3 years, Cassie went 4 years, and Faith went 2 years to public school. (Luckily I had just had Raechel, so I wasn't baby-less!)

I had always wanted to homeschool all the way through. But I was just at a melting point at that time, and could not continue. I really liked our school, and still do. It is a small school. I know most of the teachers, parents, etc by first name. My cousin was Kela's and then Cassie's 3rd grade teacher. So it is not totally that I am dissatisfied with the education they got from our public school...My niece still goes there, and Cassie still goes to the TREK program (gifted) on Wednesdays...

The reason I homeschool, I guess, is just that it is better for my family, when I am able to actually do it. I obviously had/have some limits... But for the most part, we are happier and healthier (WAAAAY Healthier!) when we homeschool. We are not as busy, we actually spend time together.

When we public schooled, it just seemed like the only time we saw each other was at dinner time, and that was even rare, because there was always something going on at the school that we were encouraged... no.. expected to participate in. And weekends we would try to catch up, but we just always seemed to be on the go!

I would take my kids to school, and not see them all day. Then when they came home, they ALWAYS had about two hours of homework to do. They rarely needed my help, my kids are just book smart, and do not need much help. So that was another two hours of school related activity right there that kept them from enjoying HOME.

This way, we spend a few hours a week on school and enjoy each other and live in a nice laid back way that we all appreciate, and do not have to worry about going anywhere unless we want to! And my kids all have active social lives. Now that they are home most of the time, it is not so hard for me to let them spend some of those precious childhood hours away from me at their friends' houses or doing stuff with their friends! And they do!

i am enjoying homeschooling more now, because we are getting to the stuff I really like. I adore Algebra, and like Chemistry! And we have really been enjoying our history studies

I am actually going to put Kela and possibly Cassie into the local community college here in a couple or three years. They let anyone who can pass the ged or placement tests take classes there! I can't wait for that, because I think they will enjoy it thoroughly. All the fun of college and none of the crap from jr high or high school! YAY!

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  1. Less quality time will be something that my husband and I monitor very closely.

    We will have to make schedule adjustments to ensure that the children get to spend quality time with us even though they will away at school for a large part of the day.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.