Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogging videos & AI

I loved AI last night!! I even loved Jason!! No one else seemed to, but I adored it.

My favorite by far was Syesha though! Check her out dancin with Ricky Minor! AWESOME!!!!! And her outfit and hair: TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS!!! I mean, she never hits all the notes, but imo, she hits them good enough not to take away from her awesome performances!

David Cook was awesome too. Heck, I even liked David A, who usually gets on my nerves with his sappy, look-at-me-I-am-such-a-high-achiever-saving-the-world-one-song-at-a-time song choices.

I could NOT believe Brooke stopped the band and had them start over. Totally unprofessional, imo. And then she went on to sing suckily regardless. (I know that suckily is not a word, but hey, it is my blog, I can make up words, right?) I would hope that Brooke will be going bye-bye next week, but after the whole Michael Johns thing, you never know :(

I have posted lotsa videos on this blog. I only have this new AI stuff right now, but I thought I would link this so that you can visit some of them in your leisure time :)

(And the moms all go: WHAT is this leisure time you speak of? LOL)

Click and peruse...

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