Thursday, March 27, 2008

You have to promise...

Promise me that you will still like me after I do this! :)

Groovy Mom did it. It is a picture meme. You are supposed to take 5 pics that "say something about the person you are." I could not take just 5. *snort* But I won't post all of them I took! I would not do that to ya, would I? (Do not answer that.)

First and foremost, right now. This is my journal. (And did I mention my good friend Anne gave me this adorable purse, and it is now my journal carrier :) LOL This journal is helping me lose weight. It is helping me feel better. Because, did I mention how GOOD I feel? I do! It is amazing what eating salads and cottage cheese with tomatoes for lunch can do for you in terms of feeling WELL! :) But let me tell you. This journal has become more than my food diary. I have been jotting down my thoughts too. This is a nice way to get them out without bugging everyone else! haha

This is my Grandma's house. Taken from my back deck.

This is the hill that leads up to my Grandma's house that I have been walking EVERY DAY. By the time I get from my house to my Grandma's, I am so out of breath it is not funny. I actually feel like I am dying. This has lessened since I started out though! YAY! I keep feeling the urge to go in and talk to Grandma when I go up there. So by the time my breath comes back, I usually start crying. But only for a few moments, and not everytime. I smile a lot when I think of my childhood running these hills and how I never used to think about breathing! haha

I walk down to my mom's after I go around Grandma's house.
See here is the view from Grandma's. My house is the blue one with the mega-garage, my mom's is the yellow one at the other end of the meadow :) It is a great walk. These hills are killer! LOL

I was taking pics of my disaster of a house, but didn't want to risk it, so I am just showing you our currently in use home school books :) Oh and some of our dvds...And the dog's junk on the floor there. blah
So I will show you my messy shoes. I cannot keep them straightened up for nothing. Does anyone else have this problem? Those things on the floor are beach towels that fell down from the top shelf. Because my kids could not wait to look through the swimming stuff. In March. *oh brother* LOL

Let me know if you participate!!! :)


  1. I may have to do this...later like tonight when I'm not working..even though work is apart of who I am sorta. What a fun way to get a better view of things going on with you.

  2. I totally do that with my shoes.

    Your pics of your Grandma's house and then your mom's were so neat to see. I can see how you'd want to cry walking up to your Grandma's place, but what a special place to grow up and continue to live. What a great thing for your kids to be so close to their grandma also.

    The journal is cool. You reminded me that I was going to start eating better today, so I went and got breakfast. (Yes, it's almost 1:00. Ugh.)

  3. Lawanda,
    You left a comment on my blog today, and I'm sorry but I don't know who you are. How did you find my blog? And am I supposed to know you?

  4. How utterly quaint and wonderful that you live so near your mom and also by Grandma's memories! It looks beautiful there.

  5. Ohhhh...I wanna come live at your house !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate having neighbours.

  6. I am thinking about doing this one also. I love the views and the closeness that you share with your family.

    My family and I are not really close and I live so far from them. Most of my immediate family are in New York which is 17 hours from where I walking there. The only person that lives close y is my mom and she doesn't speak to me.

    Don't feel sorry for me though...I just wish my family relations could be different but they are not. I told my husband that I would love for my children to remain close by but I do understand if they decide to move to another state.

    I like to hear about the days when families lived close by. Thanks for sharing.

    I am glad to hear that you are keeping a journal. Keep up the good work.

  7. I love the pictures of your home, you mom's home and especially of your grandma's home. What a beautiful place to live.