Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Thank you guys for your encouraging words about what truly was a most unflattering pic of myself with my absolutely ADORABLE-ICIOUS cute new purse, which I am now carrying everywhere as a SA-WEET little journal keeper, tyvm!!! *beaming*

My mom insisted on telling me today that I looked absolutely horrid in the outfit of the unflattering pic. So I would say it was in part due to the unflattering clothes. But what was I gonna do, ya know? Kela picked it out. Ask Anne S, I had misgivings about the top anyway.... Cuz I knew it was pretty tight.....

Oh well.

Mommy actually told me a few times tonight that she can tell I am losing weight. I am thinking she was feeling a little guilty about her bluntness this morning! :)

Ok, so moving on... I have a problem! I need help!

You remember how I used to do so well for a time (quite a long time for a disorganized person like me!) on posting, and sticking to, my Menu Plan Monday??

Well, with my kitchen in its nonexistent state and me trying to eat low points suppers (I cannot seem to budget my points very well yet...) it seems to be a thing of the past.

But I REALLY wanna bring it back. Kevin is getting tired of not having his supper. And the kids, I am sure, are not getting the nutrients their growing bodies need when I say, "I'm sorry, I have to eat cottage cheese and tomatoes, you are on your own!"

Which granted, a better mother would probably fix them some supper, and then proceed to eat her cottage cheese and tomatoes. I cannot do it though. If I fix it, I feel like I should get to eat it!

I have sporadically fixed some more decent food for them, but just sporadically....

I think it is just something I need to work out, but if you do happen to have any helpful suggestions, they'd be most welcome. Whether they are regarding a new plan or a new recipe to try!! I just need something to get me back on track, yet not sabotage my weight loss efforts!


  1. Hey, I think you look quite cute holding your new bag! your smile says it all!

    How about finding some meals that everyone can eat? Lowfat menus are easy to find on the internet (try google. Also, can your girls cook? Your oldest might be able to manage dinner a couple of times per week so that you can have your diet meal in peace. I hope you find something that works for you! :)

  2. Hey, I would help...but it'd be the blind leading the blind. Always at 6:00 I look up and think, "Dang. I wonder if the kids would like oatmeal for supper?" Bleg.

  3. MG, you totally crack me up! And make me feel so ... not alone!!! THANKS! :)

  4. Boy, I feel your pain with this one too. I tend to just cook regular meals for the hubby and kids. I'll eat small portions of whatever it is and then fill up on a big salad.

    Its haaaaard. Especially with food prices going up and up and up. And trying to keep 3 teenage boy's bellies FULL on a budget.

    One thing that REALLY worked for me was to start my day at supper. For some reason that little mind trick worked amazingly well for me. Its kind of hard to explain, but you start counting your points at dinner time the night before rather than breakfast. So Monday night dinner than all food on Tuesday until dinner. Does that make sense?

    Its just a mind game. But for some reason it helped me budget points better. It was easier for me to eat lighter than for breakfast and lunch, knowing I got to start my (counting) day over at supper.