Friday, March 21, 2008


:) Thanks (MamaGeph) for noticing me. Said in my best Eeyore voice! :)

I changed my other blog too, and actually put up a new post on it! :-D hehe

I walked about a mile and a half tonight! Are you proud of me?! I am! I was in pain from it. So sad, huh? I guess I am just not a SPRING Chicken anymore ;) LOL

So I thought I would do a link-love post for Friday, like Carrie does....

After you visit my opinionated blog up there (wink wink) go here: Free Rice! I know not everyone will enjoy this as much as my word-geeky self, but I have been having a blast with this site. My highest score is 46 :) And besides it actually helps feed people! I should be ashamed to admit how much I do this...let's just say that many people have filled their bowls full of rice. hahaha

Then here are some links with videos for you:

Amazing little girl!

Big baby, Small mom!

And finally, one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows - even though it is rather crude at times...Gotta love a show that makes you laugh AND cry:


  1. Gah! I love FreeRice. I had purposefully forgotten the name of it though because it was becoming quite the addiction. Where's Mom? Oh, you know..."feeding the hungry again." eye roll. Oh, yeah.

    Yes, once my family began to mock me, I had to stop. But no one is watching right now......

  2. I'm also a Free Rice addict. You want another addicting game? go to and click on Mastercards. It's a memory game that uses art masterpieces - I love it!

    That little girl is truly amazing.

  3. Mr. MG and I are hooked on Free Rice. Yikes! Send help, or at least someone to feed and bathe the kidlets!