Saturday, March 15, 2008

Speaking of Randall

My brother's birthday was a few weeks ago.

I had meant to post about him. He is a pretty good feller. He and my cousin Nathan have an online comic strip called The Aspirations of Daniel Burton. My brother draws, my cousin writes. I enjoy it.

My brother is a geeky sort of fellow. Who else gets an iPod and loads it up with MLK, Jr speeches, Ronald Reagan speeches, and various and sundry other speeches? And don't forget the other videos, such as the old musical clips... He has always been into Sci-fi. Star Trek was one of his faves growing up. He also has many many music genres on it that he sings out loud and off key to! hehe Ask him what book he just finished... Liberal Fascism. That just makes me laugh out loud....

Yet he played football in High School, and was one tough customer! I forget which position he played, but it was one of the ones who plow people down, I think. I like to watch football, but don't expect me to remember much about it! lol When Kevin and I were dating, we used to go to every football game to cheer #52! I got a leftover jersey with his number on it, my senior year. I was proud of him. He was mentioned on the local news several times for his wonderful plowing people down abilities! :)

My brother is a funny guy.

He is also a wonderful husband and dad. He goes above and beyond and is definitely not a slacker. His wife, who is a sweetheart, is deaf. When they were dating (in 1997 when Cassie was a baby!) he learned Sign Language in like 2 weeks, so they could talk! :) He is and always has been there for her as an interpreter! Nicole is also losing her eye sight. She has always been a great mom and a SUPERB housekeeper, and Randall has always supported her a lot.

They have such a great family. They have three girls. I think they somehow blame this on me. I know Paula said it is my fault somehow that they are having a girl. hahaha

Randall and Nicole are my neighbors. You couldn't ask for better ones! Whenever he sees Kevin doing any outside work, he always comes to see if he needs help. Randall also mows a big part of our lawn a lot.

Good peeps, let me tell ya.

So in light of my previous downer post, I thought perhaps I should post an upbeat gratefuller one! :)

I am very glad to have had my lil bro around for the past 33 years!! And if he ever disses me, I will remind him that it was I who potty trained him! muwahahahahahah

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