Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, I love going to church...

We went to Marietta tonight to hear a sermon on Jesus being God. And except for a crazy wacked out prayer that really had me wondering about the man's sanity who uttered said prayer, it was so interesting. Actually the wonky prayer did make it interesting as well.... :)

But, anyhow, I love studying the bible. LOTS.

Just wanted to say that, in case you thought I wasn't a christian or something, for my lack of Easter post. ;)


  1. Ha! You may or may not have noticed that I also didn't put up a post for Resurrection Sunday. I don't feel guilty, though. I spent all of my spare time with my hubby and children who needed me more than my blog did. ;)

  2. Hey, I poster on Easter, but failed to talk about anything deep. Ha!

  3. Hi Lawanda,
    I love going to Church too. We go to a "home church". I love seeing everyone there each week. I am doing a great bible study by Beth Moore called Living Beyond Yourself (exploring the fruits of the Spirit). Ummm, God is Good!