Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Oy vey!

Cassie started throwing up last night right in the middle of Chikezie's, imo, awesome performance.

The poor thing: she didn't stop until 2:30am. Then, she threw up once more today at 2pm...

So now Faithy is prolly next. Unless Kevin or I get it first. Kevin wasn't feelin so hot, so hopefully that was that for him, and he won't get the whole horrible ordeal. I hope I don't either. It is a harsh, harsh virus going around. I just hope we don't do more than one go-round!!


  1. OH NO !! I hope you are all better and over this terrible bug soon.

  2. I loved Chik's performance, too. Very Blues Traveller, I thought.

    So sorry about your barf-filled life. Maybe things will clear up with the spring.

  3. Ooooh! I like the pretty new look. (And I laughed at the tagline. Ha!)