Friday, February 22, 2008

New school stuff always excites me

The kids: not so much.

I ordered Kela's new Algebra curriculum, and can you believe that she is not the least bit excited!??! haha I am pumped though. I ordered this one. It looks simple enough that she can do it on her own, which is very important to me. And yet it looks as though it is very inclusive and will work well to get her acquainted with the wonderful properties of algebraic mathematics. (dontcha love those words??? Algebraic is one of my faves. I know. I am weird.)

You may wonder if this curriculum choice is the result of the lazy coming out in me. I do admit I am a lazy bum. However, I truly think independence in learning is important. Especially when they get to be teens... Kela is going to be 13 in June. (*sigh*)

Speaking of independent learning, I have been reading this blog, and quite frankly I feel less ashamed of making my kids do "actual work" around here. I really shouldn't feel ashamed of it, I guess...but I am seriously worried that people will think I am ... well... lazy! I know people think I do not really teach my kids because of my style of teaching. That is, I let them do it all on their own unless they have a question....

But back to "actual work"...I mean, I know people who do not let their kids do ANY work at all. The moms do it ALL. My mom happened to be very much like that. And to this day I think that is why I was so inept and insecure in my housekeeping abilities as a younger person. (Not saying my mom didn't teach me anything, she did. And I am very grateful to her. Very grateful.)

As an example, I can remember trying to sweep the floors at Grandma's house, and two different grown-ups told me I was not doing it right, and the last one did not let me finish my job. Of course I was chagrined at the time, being about 8 years old. Now I look back and think "WHAT?!" HOW can you sweep wrong?? I was not ruining anything, I was merely pushing a vacuum cleaner around on the floor. And it was on and everything. Seriously. How can you go wrong there?

So when my kids do something in the house, I always make sure and let them do it their way, and encourage them as best I can....Especially when the end result is good. If the end result is not as good as I had hoped, then I help them do it. Just like with their school work! :)


  1. Good for you I say. I need to get over my control issues and allow the boys to do it their way when they actually do do their chores.

  2. I hear ya! I get WAY too excited over new school supplies. All of my children do at least some independent work almost right from the start, too. By the time they are in high school, they are pretty much using their books to teach themselves (except when they actually DO have questions for me or run into problems!).