Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Homeschool Faeries!

So I have a conscience, and her name is Beth :) She is my get-your-butt-in-gear-for-next-year Faerie! :)

She makes sure I am ready for next year's school by March or April. Otherwise. Forget it! haha I am so not organized! I would forget to order the books until like August, if it wasn't for Beth!

I also have a good-book-lending Faerie named Louella. She lent me her Rod & Staff books for several grades. Actually Beth and I share them. But I like to supplement, sometimes, ya know? And, well the Rod & Staff books, being written by Mennonites, only go up to Grade 8. While Kela will be in the 8th grade this coming up year, I wanted to start her in Algebra and Chemistry (or some kind of specialized science, and Chem was my fave, so I went with it... haha) in 8th grade.

I did Algebra in 8th, and was therefore able to get through Calculus by the time I graduated :) I hope she can do the same. Although I am a bit worried about Geometry. HATED IT.

Oh well.

Speaking of helpful-real-life Fairies: Michelle is gonna grade my kids portfolios! Can I get a HALLELUIA!!! :-D I guess that would make her my save-the-kids-from-having-to-test-and-me-pay-an-
arm-and-a-leg-to-get-my-kids-passed-to-the-next-grade Faerie! :) hehehe

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