Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Work is Da Bomb-Diggity


That was for Jennifer :-D

Ok, so I really think I am going to love my job. I get to take orders for pretty dresses and stuff...and even shop with customers! How cool is that?! And the STUFF. It is awesome. I am loving LOVING product training! We have done several workshops where we picked out outfits and it was a blast. Today we got to do home decor. My group had to decorate the kitchen and master bedroom with a balcony. We all three immediately said we had to use the butterfly wind chimes on the balcony! Oh yea! :)

Here is the site, so you can see what I am talking about. Go shop, give me a call! ;) hehe

By the bye, I heard the expression "bomb-diggity" from a younger girl at work. I would assume she knew the latest "cool" terms.... :-p

It is very awesome how much variety there is in people. Age, size, personality. I just love people. I really do. I know they are not always lovely, but I do love them anyway :) I just love how everyone is the same, and yet each person has something about them that is their own little "thang" :)

I do know one "thang": I am gonna need that new workout center they just built onto the building. I have been eatin' like a PIG-diggity! (haha) I suppose I walk some of it off. I say that because one of the ladies wore her pedometer to work, and she let us know that we walk about 2 miles a day just going back and forth from the parking lot and cafeteria!! It is tiring having to park way out in the boonies, but I guess it has a plus! (The plus is it keeps me from burgeoning over into the PLUS SIZES! hehehe)

Well, that is all I have to write about right now. I won't tell you how stupid I am in that I totally did not realize that Scrap Camp is THIS WEEKEND not NEXT weekend!!!!! Duh. And so now I am frantically trying to make up badges for that, and tomorrow night will be spent making Tea and Lemonade and loading up the van with all my TONS of scrap stuff - and the tea and lemonade, of course! Because, naturally, I will be headed to Camp straight from work Friday evening! YEEHAW!!! :)


  1. Well, I'd love to come see you at work...but it's a bit far !! haha

    Glad you're loving your job. I am loving mine more too coz guess what ? I just got a pay rise ! YAY :)

  2. You work @ Coldwatercreek!!!!
    I've been inside one of their stores exactly once, but I drool over the catalogs and website all the time.

    All my Mother wears is CWC clothes. She shops there at least once a month.

    When I had gone back to work as a librarian ohhhh this was back in 2000, I had NO work clothes. I hit a really good online sale and ordered 5 dresses for about $120. Good stuff sister!!

    So, do they just pay you in clothes? LOL!