Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Whew, talk about tired

I am.

And I am SO BUSY! I mean other than work. Like yesterday evening after work, I went up to Grandma's house and visited with my aunt Linda and cousin Dan.

Tonight I went to church in Marietta for a Gospel Meeting. It was very interesting...

Tomorrow I will go to church at our "home" congregation.

Thursday. Now I KNOW I have something going on Thursday evening, but cannot for the life of me REMEMBER!! :-p

Friday evening we are either going up to Paula's and stopping at the Malones' get together on the way back home, or more likely, we will stop at the Malones' on the way up to Paula's on Saturday.

So very busy!

Work is great. I am going to like it if I can actually manage to do the job. There is a lot of commenting to type out for each order, and also figuring out what products are what and stuff. I am glad they do all this training. I am totally going to need it! Hopefully after two weeks I can get on a phone and get a sale done without too much pain for the customer! hahaha

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  1. oh man! your alpaca farm trip looks like SOOO much fun! We knew this guy that has a llama that they call the dolly lama (like Dalhai Lahma). I thought that was so cute. ( Maybe it's sacrilige, you know, I never thought of that...hm....)
    Anyway, glad to hear your new job is going so well ~ I had to laugh when I found out you look when you type ~ so do I! ~ I also failed typing class ~ can you believe they now call it by a far ~cooler~ name (dum-da-de-dum) key-boarding. Sorta like snow-boarding, only... NOT ~ lol ~