Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boring Blog (I forgot a title. Duh.)

So. Randall was reading my blog and said it is PRETTY BORING. hahaha

I told him - "Good, then I can write all kinds of mean things about you, and you'll never know! (Because my blog's too boring too read)" mwahahaha ;)

I actually think my blog is boring too. But I really don't care. I have this plan of printing it all up one day when I am old, for my kids and grandkids to read. I don't think they will find it as boring as Randall, but who knows, maybe they will! :-p

So anyways. :)

I am still pretty boring. I don't have anything to say! I got my hair done and it turned out DARK. So, consequently, I shall be "GothGirl - here to save the midnight hour!" Until Halloween, that is. At which point I will return to being my mild-mannered alter-ego'd self! :)

My friend Anne has a pic. When she emails it to me, I'll put it in here :)

You understand "Gothgirl" now? :)

The girls are all wanting to be Olive Oyl for Halloween. They were fighting, actually FIGHTING, over who got to be Olive Oyl!

Kela says - "I can do her voice best!"
Cassie says - "I have the right color of hair!"
Faithy says - "I have the perfect dress!" (My aunt Linda got her a red and black dress with polka dots and some stripes on it for her bday *giggle*)

So none of them are allowed to be Olive Oyl, since they actually fought over it.

I think Kela is going to be The Corpse Bride. Cassie, not sure if she'll pull it off, but she wants to be a "Skele-Pirate" she says. "You know, with bones and a pirate hat and dreds!" haha Faithy (OF COURSE!!!) is going to be a ballerina princess. Go figure. You might ask... Wasn't she a princess last year? And the year before? And the year before? Why, yes she was. I don't think she's been anything but a princess since she could pick out her own costume! She was "SullyMike" which was Mike Wazaowski from Monsters, Inc. when she was 3 or 4. She has been our little Princess ever since! haha

Raechel, I am not sure about her. We will decide when the time comes I guess. I think Kevin might have one planned... :)


  1. We did our dressing up early - last night. The harvest party we go to at my parents' church on Halloween isn't really a dress-up kind of thing, if you know what I mean. But we went to the Tae Kwon Do Halloween party last night. Noah was Harry and Nan was Hermione - I crocheted them both Gryffindor scarves, made wands from a great tutorial I found online, black cloaks, a scar on Noah's forehead (he already wears glasses) and then I braided Nan's hair while wet and when we took it out, her hair was all frizzy like Hermione in the first movie. I'm waiting for Kevin to upload the pics to the computer so I can post them. Jonathan and Josiah both went as kings - with cloaks and crowns. Jon carried a sword, Josiah wanted a "two-headed axe" as he calls it. They had so much fun and we came home with enough candy to fill my largest mixing bowl!

  2. Make sure you show us pics of the girls !!

  3. Olive Oil! That cracks me up! I gotta get the picks of my gang up soon. We went trick or treating in williamstown since Parkersburg Trick or treat is during church!

  4. You have been tagged! Visit my blog for details:)

  5. Hey, I love your blog. Boring schmoring!