Friday, October 05, 2007


Sock it to me! ;)

*said in my best announcer bunny voice:

I have officially finished my first week of training!

Boy am I tired.

*To get that, you'd prolly have to be a fan of Between The Lions...or at least have seen the show before.


  1. Congratulations! I'll bet you are wiped out. Hope you have a restful weekend planned.

    Oh - I love the new look on your blog, too!

  2. Oooh, hang in there busy mama!

    When you get REALLY tired, you can groan, "Can't. Hold. On. Much. Looooongerrrrrr!"

    (I love Between the Lions!)

  3. Yeah, but I had a baby! *heehee* Just playin! Hope you get a chance to rest up this weekend!

  4. LOL @ Announcer Bunny.

    Oooh, ahh, dance in smarty pants...oooh, ahh, dance in smarty pants ooh, ahh!

    Okay so that has nothing to do with anything but it's my favorite BtL character.

  5. Hey mama! How's things? Dunno if ya remember me or not. Got a new job I see. Doin' what? I suppose I could go read all the blog posts I've missed and figure it out.

    I've got a little job now too. Babysitting my neighbors 18 month old boy. Its been fun having a toddler in the house again!

    I have to get up between 530 and 6am and I HATE it.