Thursday, October 04, 2007


I hate it. DESPISE it.

You morning people make me sick. :-p

How in the world to people do this every day?? I think if I did have to do this every day I would be a very bitter person. I hate mornings. Really. I do.

So this is a very random quicky post to say that work is fun, I can't wait to get out on the floor and take calls! :)

I had an AWFUL dream last night. It was full of really gross stuff, so I won't disgust you with details, but let me just say that it disturbed me very much and I woke up shuddering from it. Ugh.

I made some YUMMMY beef stew in my crock pot last night! I was kinda excited, but Kevin didn't like it. :( I gave some to Mommy and Daddy and they raved, though! *beaming*

I miss Grandma. :(

A lot.

We got our inheritance this week, and as I was rushing to the bank on my lunch hour (because when you go to work at 7:20 am and do not get to leave until after 5:00 pm, you just cannot make it to the bank any other time! AGAIN, HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS?!?!?!) I was a pretty upset girl thinking how much I would rather have Grandma than the money. But I know how selfish that is, and I am trying to refrain from wishing it. But it is hard.

So, for my lunch today I am taking beef stew. :) I took some left overs on Tuesday as well. Yesterday and Monday I bought my lunch at the cafe. It was yummy, but I think rather expensive. So I will not be doing that if I can help it.

I am so thankful for my parents. My dad has been doing school with my kids! :) My mom has been busy with my aunt Linda getting all Grandma's things in order and stuff, so my dad has been keeping the kids and teaching them :) Which I am thinking is just great :) :) :)

Ok, so much for the quicky post. Must go shower and leave! :) TaTa!!


  1. I hope everything comes together for you with work, homeschooling, homemaking and just life in general. Missing your grandma will get easier but it will take time. Take the time you need to mourn your loss. I know that really loved her and that you do miss her dearly.

  2. I'm with ya on the mornings thing !

    I have a beef casserole in my crockpot right now ~ yum. I love that I can go to work tonight and come home at 8:40pm and have an awesome dinner without having to do anything :)

    You'll always miss your gandma. My grandpa has been gone just over three years and I still miss him...a lot. *hug*