Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You know you're a bonafide homeschooler when...

~~~You wake up at 10 am, and your kids are sitting at the table doing English. Booyah!

~~~Your kids go to the grocery store and inform the clerk that they are learning money too. ;)

~~~Your second daughter says "Mommy when can I start another book report?!?!?"

~~~Your oldest daughter is so proud that she is learning to cook for science class! ;)

~~~The thought of learning a new language with your kids gets you all excited and you really want to learn two new languages, plus sign language, because in the children's words - "wouldn't it be very nice to be able to talk to lots more different people?!" :)

~~~You go to the library for Story Hour on Wednesdays and people approach you and tell you how nicely behaved your young'ns are, and how very cool it is that you homeschool. :)

~~~People say you must be very patient you can just laugh right in their face, rather maniacally, and then apologize, and just make sure they know you are in no way by any means a super mom type!

~~~People start talking about schedules, and you can accept that there are some women and children who thrive on organization, and then there are some women and children who thrive on "by the seat of their pants" type of schedules... the latter being me.... and are finally ok with that.

~~~You know what "quantity time" really means to a kid. (thanks dcrmom for that thought ;))

I think there were supposed to be ten and they were supposed to be witty, but I can only think of these. Carrie tagged me for this homeschool meme! Thanks Carrie! :)


  1. Your answers are great! No super mom here, either.

  2. Too funny! My bunch often wakes me up to hand in school work, too!