Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why I wanna be like her

Or "A few reasons why there was over 300 people who paid their respects to my Grandma."

There was hardly a person there who she did not give something to. As a matter of fact, if the preacher would have asked for a show of hands, I would say about 98% of them would have gone up.

Grandma gave.

She gave people things she made. You know that Proverbs 31 woman? That was my grandma. You remember Dorcas in the Bible? That was my grandma. You know the passage that talks about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the sick? That was my grandma.

She gave:

  • quilts
  • afghans
  • cakes
  • applebutter
  • flowers she grew
  • veggies she grew
  • clothes she bought
  • food when it was needed
  • money when it was needed
  • Friendship
  • a ride to church
  • LIFE

As a matter of fact, her foster son, whom she and my grandpa took in when he was 16, said she gave him NEW LIFE. He always has said that if it were not for Paul and Dorothy Sams, he would have been in prison, instead of the preacher he is today. :)

Just as a snippet of trivia:

Do you know my grandma dug her own basement? Oh yes. She and her 14 year old son. With shovels.

Oh and speaking of him. My grandma could have been a very depressed person. She lived through much sorrow and hard times.

She lost her only son when he was 19. He was struck with lightning. She lost her husband when they were only in their early 50's. She had lost a baby, who was born dead and in pieces. (Sorry, it is gross, I know, but can you imagine???)

She could have wallered (oh that is hick for "wallowed") around in her sorrows, but instead she brought joy to SO MANY PEOPLE.

Do you know that my grandpa was never really healthy when he got back from the War? He had several heart attacks before the one that finally killed him. He was a cattle man. Grandma had to work most of her life, because of his ill health. But she NEVER complained. She did it happily.

And you know, she never resented it either. She loved her husband. She never remarried, even though she had plenty of opportunities after he died. Because frankly, my grandma was a hottie! :) At age 55 she looked like a 25 year old, I kid you not. When I get the slide show my cousin put together, I will share some of her "pin up" pics she sent to my grandpa during the war. Which, btw, that is another thing: They did not get married until he came home from the war. My grandma told him no, because she saw too many women marry for that monthly check, and then go and get pregnant by another man. Plus she only wanted "her Paul" when she could have him. :)

All of her pregnancies were difficult for her. She weighed less at the end of them than at the beginning. Which could not have been much. She was so little. Little but mighty is a phrase that comes to mind with Grandma Sams. :) She was very fond of buttermilk. Buttermilk and celery were the only things she could eat while pregnant!!

One thing I will NEVER forget about my grandma. She was a very firm breastfeeding advocate :) I fondly recall (now) all those times we were in public and my grandma totally embarrassed me by saying loudly (because she was fairly deaf) "Give that baby some titty!!"


Ahh, my grandma.

So, you may want to skip my blog for a while, because I have a feeling there will be more such grandma posts. I am going to be missing her. And so is half the country. We keep getting calls from people who missed the news, and missed the funeral, offering condolences, and sharing things she did for them. Some of the things she did, we will never know.

She did so much for so many.

Not the least of them me.


  1. Awww, that post brought tears to my eyes! I won't be avoiding your blog anytime soon, I'm looking forward to reading more about your Grandma! I wish I had known her better.

  2. What wonderful stories, thank you for sharing them. I too am looking forward to more Grandma Sams stories and pictures.. I think everyone needs a Grandma Sams - even if only from the recollections of those who knew her :)

  3. What a wonderful tribute post! I have been praying for your comfort.

    If you feel up to it, I tagged you for a homeschool meme at my blog. If not, don't hesitate to give it a pass.


  4. I'm with Anne, I'll still be reading. It's great hearing the story of her life. I know she meant so much to you! :)

  5. Awww. What great stories about your Grandma. I will also continue to read your blog. Still thinking and praying for you. (((hug)))

  6. You know what...I totally agree! I was actually amazed at the number of people at the funeral home that night. Usually when someone older dies it seems as though there aren't many people besides the family because so many of their friends have already passed away. Our grandmas were different though. They were the type that would do without just to make others happy. The age range of friends was so broad that there were so many that they left behind. We must do our best to pick up where they left off! I think we need to start our grandma tribute albums! I have lots of journaling typed up about my grandma and at the rate you are going you will have lots real soon too! I think they deserve a book all about them! You in? We can start getting together once a week for a few hours to work on it. Whatcha think?

  7. What a wonderful lady your grandma was! I can't wait to meet her someday in Glory.

    My deepest sympathy for your loss.