Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today was Raechel's birthday!

I cannot believe my BABY turned THREE!

She had a blast. She enjoyed blowing out her candles so much we let her do it three times ;)

We had a small family thing at my mom's after Sunday dinner :) Anne and Olivia came, and of course the fam was all present, as well as Ed and Mazie. She got loads of good stuff, including a double gift of a cute lil pink dress from us and also her uncle Randall! We will trade it for one of a different color that my bro has on hand.

Anne and Olivia gave her the CUTEST lil felt dolly in a satchel. ADORABLE! Anne MADE IT! She is amazing - that girl :-D Also she made some cute little hair clips with flowers that Raechel wore to church tonight :)

Raechel was telling her Aunt Karen about her birthday over the phone a little while ago, and she said, "I had a Elmo cake. It was made wif pupcakes!" We were all busting out laughing, and so she giggled with us :) It was very sweet listening to her talkin' on the phone about her "vewy good buhday" and "her fwiend Daphie"


  1. Awweee...HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little Jellybean *hug*

    Law, I love how you wrote what she sad and how she speaks...wish I could hear it ~ too cute :)

  2. A belated happy birthday to your Raechel! I hope it was a wonderful one for her.