Friday, September 14, 2007


The thoughtfulness of people has just been amazing to me. I am just in complete grateful mode now. Everyone has been overwhelmingly kind to us. Grandma is going to be sorely missed, and by a lot of people, too. So many people came to the funeral home today. I think there were nine pages full of names. All these thoughtful people came by to help us with our grief.

I am not very thoughtful, and I feel ashamed of myself after being on the receiving end of so much sweet thoughtfulness this week. I am going to try to be a better - more thoughtful - person. It will be a long hard row to hoe. Trust me. Hair-brained as I am, trust me.... It will be work for me to think of other people more!! But I want to real bad now. :)

Look at the pretty flowers my Scrapchat girlies sent me to cheer me up!

And here is the rest of me (too bad I couldn't leave out the fat ole arm) so you can see my pretty new outfit, which was so graciously picked out for me by my good pal Anne S. And my cute shoes which were so kindly bought for me by my other good friend Heather! :)

The world is full of love. And I appreciate it very much.


  1. How very sweet! And you're adorable. Love seeing pictures of you!! And those are some seriously cute shoes.

  2. What's that saying, something about "you'll have friends when you are one" ? You ARE sweet and kind and thoughtful, and you deserve the attention that is being bestowed upon you.

    Cute outfit :) (and you don't have fat arms ! ~ and even if you did, wouldn't that just mean you have MORE arms to hug with ?)

  3. How sweet! AND... Now we know where your girls got their looks from! ;)