Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They say these things happen in Threes

So I hope "they" are right.

My husband's step-grandma died yesterday. I found out at his great-aunt Seva's funeral today.

So it is back to the funeral home with me tomorrow evening for the visitation. I hope the three thing is true, so I won't have to go again anytime soon. :(

Seva's funeral was very sweet. It was small, but then the Kress family is a small one. Kevin's only two cousins were there, as well as one of his second cousins. His other two second cousins live in Tennessee.

They had some really cute pictures of Seva as a young girl. One of them she looked to be about 18 or so and was wearing a suit and tie, and looked very pretty. The other she was probably about 22 or so, and was looking adorable standing beside her brother, Kevin's grand-dad. (I think that's right anyway.) :)

At the grave site they brought Kela and Cassie up front to hold baskets in which there were doves. The first basket had three doves, representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... and the second basket had one dove representing Seva's soul following them upwards. It was beautiful. Very very fitting for Seva, who loved birds and left two Finches and two parakeets behind. I remember a time when I visited her several years back that she had 10 birds! Seva loved her birds.


  1. 10 birds! Oh my goodness! My mom had ONE bird when I was in highschool and that one bird drove me crazy, I can't imagine 10! wow.

  2. Let this be the end... my prayers for those grieving in your family.

  3. I love birds, but that may just be because of my name... ;)

    I'm so sorry for your losses. It really does seem that they come in clusters.