Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She would have been interested

or, "A few reasons among many why I will miss my Grandma Sams."

Grandma would have been very interested in this new turn to my life...getting a new job. She prolly would have asked for the minutest details. She'd have wanted to hear about my interview. She'd have laughed at my "flushing experience"...she would not have rolled her eyes though. She would shake her head and laugh instead. I don't guess ladies roll their eyes at people. She would have said things about it that I would not have thought of about this new experience. Prolly something wise and quirky :) She was quirky :) And very wise.

She would have asked me if I thought I could still homeschool and do this too. I know she would have. And she would have confidence in me, if I said I could. She would have told me not to try and do everything, though. :)

You know, that is one thing she did. She always encouraged me. And never lost patience, although she would give some very brutally honest "hints" haha Like a few weeks ago when she was talking about not giving Paula a sewing machine for her wedding. She said, "I gave Lawanda one and she never used it!" She was always trying to tell me I could sew if I wanted to. LOL

I am thinking of going to the local sewing machine shop and seeing if they offer classes. I was thinking me and the girls could take them. And I would say Grandma would tell me it was about time. :)

She helped me make two or three quilts. I can definitely remember two, because I still use them on my bed :)The first one when I was 16 was a burgandy and white stair-step one. The second, a blue kaleidescope one. It is one of my all-time favorite quilts.

I was thinking of the things she taught me to cook. She taught me to make applebutter, of course. I was so glad Dan put in her memorial slide show (which I will show you if I can ever get on a puter that has working hardware!!) her famous words from applebutter making - "Just add 5 more pounds of sugar." :) If you had been there, your face would be forming a wry smile right now. hehe

She also taught me to make her apple pie recipe, which is AWESOME. She used to make about 50 pies and bake them half way and freeze them. Then she'd pop them in the oven and bake them for a bit and what an awesome treat for anyone lucky enough to get one! :)

She also taught me how to make her specialty: Baked macaroni and cheese. YUM. It was one of her faves, and it is one of my faves. And it is one of Paula's faves too :-D She liked it "eggy" and wouldn't ya know it, so do I! :)

It was one of the last things I gave her to eat, actually. I had some extra, and I brought it up to her a few weeks ago. She wasn't feeling so hot, but she ate it and said to me: "That was good, Lawanda."


  1. When your page opened I thought I was at The wrong blog. I looked again and realized that you changed your colors.
    Anyhow...You seem as though you had a really close relationship with your grandmother. I hope that one day I can have that same affect on my children and grandchildren.
    Thanks for stopping by proverbswife.blogspot.com

  2. And now, she is looking down at you and saying all the things you know she would, and she is proud of you :)

  3. Hey Lawanda. I can certainly relate to your response to my post "HomeMkaer" because I have been there. Both my husband and I have had to mature to a point where this could all be possible. I am in no ways judging your decision. I will keep you guys in my prayers. It's always difficult to have to make decisions based primarily on finances. You guys are in my prayers. Do what you must for your family and depend on the Lord for His direction.

  4. We can only hope that one day our grandchildren love us the way you loved your grandma.