Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh so sweet

So I am reading my Grandma's letters from her then sweetheart during World War 2...

He wasn't much of a writer, but he was pretty informative (well, as much as he could be with the censors breathing down his envelopes!!) for such a non-writer :)

I am enjoying the perusals of the letters immensely. One of my faves so far refers to my Grandma as his future wife and the sweetest girl in the world. ♥ ♥ ♥

In several of the letters he opens with the line:

"Just writing a few lines to let you know I am still alive. I received your letters, and was very glad to get them."

He was always telling her to write to him, even if he didn't write much to her. But he was pretty faithful about sending at least one a week or two a month.

He said several times to her "You are working too hard. You better not work so hard." and then once, "It wouldn't do for both of us to be gray headed. ha ha"

He had quite a sense of humor and was extremely upbeat, especially for someone in his position. He does complain about the weather and the dust over in India. He said the poverty was awful. He was a cattle man, and the "sacred cows" roaming free disgusted him :-p

I am still reading through them. They are so cool. Kela cannot wait for me to copy them so she can read them :)


  1. Im sorry I haven't been around sooner to read about your grandma. She sounds like an awesome person. One only hopes that when they pass 300 plus people would want to get up and speak great things about us the same way.
    Hugs to you!
    It looks like you have a great treasure of letters to pass on to your girls.

  2. oh Lawanda, you are so blessed to have those letters. My grandma's home burned in 2003 an I believe all of her letters were destroyed. I can't describe how much I would love to be able to read them.

  3. How cool that you have those letters.

  4. lucky you are to have those letters :)

    I have the envelopes from some of the letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother, but the letters themselves are gone. My grandfather used to draw pictures on the envelopes, they are lovely. If I remember, I might scan some of them and put them on my blog sometime :)

  5. lawanda ~ what a treasure!! Handwritten letters are such a rarity now-days, what with e-mail & all, and yet, they are such a lovely form of history! advice you probably already know.... I reccommend getting some copies made, and then laminating the copies, so that your children can pore over them at some later date. ( then the originals could be kept in an archival acid-free binder, etc)
    I wish I had some letters like that from my grandparents ~ such a personal history. Luckily, my mom & dad both have been writing their history down, and my dad said that when he goes, we can check his journal out. That is gonna be a family treasure, for sure. In fact, even though I totally drag my feet doing it, I still write in a journal myself, from time to time, so that my kids will have some idea about me when I am gone.
    Thank you for this post, it's a total inspiration to get back to the journal writing! :-D