Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Must be the Cherokee in me

I can understand why Native Americans prayed to their ancestors. When I am saying my prayers now, I keep thinking: What do you think Grandma? How should I handle things? What would you do?

Its what I did when she was alive, only I used a phone. :)

Isn't it funny? We called each other practically on a daily basis, even though we lived within a few hundred feet of each other. My mom and I do the SAME thing! :) I always call and ask their (Grandma Sams's and Mommy's) opinions on everything; or run it by them what I did today, kinda get their reactions, see if I did good... :) Or I call and complain about something. I do that a lot.

Always had a willing listener in Grandma. Still do in mommy. Although Mommy is more...shall we say... forceful - than Grandma or I ever were. But that's ok. I think I soften Mommy, and she toughens me up a little bit. So it is all good. :)

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  1. You will, over time, not talk to her as much...but you always will...and I am sure she'll hear you :)