Friday, September 07, 2007

Grandma will be home

They will hopefully leave Morgantown (WV) in a little while. They've had to make arrangements for an Ambulance to bring her home, because she may not make it home.

Although. She said to Mommy, Wanda, and Linda,

"I'm going home, whether I make it to my house or not."


The doctors were wanting to give her the medicine to prolong her life, and she told them NO. The nurses have been telling Mommy and Linda and Wanda how much they have enjoyed having Grandma as a patient. They could not believe that she stayed by herself before Saturday. They said it is rare that a Leukemia patient is strong enough to do that so far advanced as she was. And they said a "honeymoon stage" is extremely rare.

Well, they would have really loved her if they'd known her in her right mind. She has always been a gem, and not just because she is my Grandma.

One nurse even cried because she said she was going to miss Grandma. Which I thought was very sweet. She had been working with her since Sunday morning, and she told Linda she wished she had known her before. Linda told me she was a little shocked, because the nurse was crying and hugging Linda. She said she was thinking, "uhhh..they aren't supposed to do this, are they?" while she was patting the nurses back. :-p That makes me smile. My whole family are just the type of people that others feel comfort with, and it shows. :) I am here waiting for the Hospital Shop to call me to bring the hospital bed up to her house. We are going to put it where her easy-chair is, in case she wants to watch the news or look out the window.


I want to thank Anne and Michelle for keeping me busy last night, in case I don't get to in person. Thanks for your help girls :) Anne, I LOVE my new stuff. Thanks for being my fashionista guru helper-outer ;) And Michelle, you crazy thing. You left your EmergenC in my car! Along with the little thingie you found beside the "Old Man's Urinal" !!! roflol


  1. I'm so sorry, Lawanda. I hope that she makes it home, too. Keep us updated.

  2. Hugs to you all. I hope Grandma makes it home so that she can be right where she wants to be when the time comes...

  3. Loves & hugs, Lawanda ~ As long as you all are near her, it shouldn't matter where she goes. The most beautiful blessing is that your family is still involved enough to BE there. I hope my grandkids & great grandkids have that sort of a bond with me when I'm ready to head on to my next home. ( I like to think of death as a change of address.)
    And I bet she has a lot of family waiting for her on the other side. It will be a happy day for them.
    I've told everyone, when I die, I want them to sing the hymn "Scatter Sunshine", and they darn well better be laughing and having a good time, cuz I sure as heck will be!

  4. (((Hugs))) Lawanda - I'm so sorry it's happening so quickly. It's never easy for those of us left behind, that is for sure. But I'm happy that she's a peace with going 'home'.

  5. You guys have been in our prayers. Please let me know if you need anything....even if it is just another trip to walmart! Just call me:)