Saturday, September 01, 2007

Grandma again

They found a day old answering machine message from a doctor today on Grandma Sams's answering machine. It said to get to the hospital immediately. So immediately Mommy called the doctor back and asked what was up. He said he did not care which hospital she went to, but take her asap. Her platelets are back way down below normal.

And let me tell ya. Grandma has not been feeling well. And they have been to the ER here. Twice. And to the doctors here. More than twice. (These are the same doctors who said in May - "You have Leukemia. You have 4 to 6 weeks to live." and they were wrong...) And do you know what they are saying to Grandma about these problems she is now having?

"You are old."

That's it. Just old age. Yes, I am POSITIVE that is why all the sudden she has lost her mind. She could not complete a sentence Sunday before last. I had called her and she was just mumbling mumbo jumbo. A week before that her mind was as good as mine. Or better.

And her blood pressure, which is what they are treating her for here, has been sky rocketing, and then plummeting - when she takes her meds.

So anyhow. Mommy and Daddy are off to Morgantown with a very sick Grandma in the back seat. Because Grandma absolutely refused to go to any of the hospitals around here again.

We are taking Faith to Morgantown for her eye check up (She still has problems, although pretty infrequently now.) on Tuesday. My mom said, "Well, we may see you there." :-p

I just hope they can get Grandma's problem figured out, so she can get back to some semblance of normal. Or if "back to normal" is not possible, I would like for them to figure that out as well. That is their stinking job, isn't it??


  1. OH NO, I hope she is ok.


  2. That is terrible, hope they fugure out what is going on....SOON!

  3. I hope Grandma gets better soon! You're in my thoughts, Lawanda!