Saturday, September 29, 2007

Down on the (Alpaca) farm

Baby alpaca born yesterday.

We had such a fun day today. We went to a couple of Alpaca farms out in the sticks. They had a thing on them in the local newspaper saying they were having "open houses" so we went.


They are SO cute. The problem is they are expensive, plus they are herd animals and you can't buy just one.

We actually may look into getting them someday, because they are relatively easy animals to take care of. Here is the "about Alpacas" page of one of the farms we visited today. It is very informative about why these are such nice animals. To show you how expensive these animals are click here for an ad from the other farm for three alpacas to start your own herd with: Pricilla and Denthor, if you can pay ;)

We would seriously like to get one someday, well I guess two, for pets. Not totally interested in the business aspect. But I would LOVE to be able to spin my own yarn to crochet things with! How cool would that be? I got to try my hand at spinning at the Rodante farm. It was a blast. It would definitely take some practice though! :)

The folks that owned both farms were just the nicest people. They were in it for the business part, for sure.. and it must be a pretty good one, too. The money making part of this comes with the alpaca fiber, It is hypoallergenic, and not scratchy like wool is. It is the softest stuff you could ever touch! And it is second only to cashmere in price!

Anyway, here are some pics of the girls and my mil with the alpacas :)


  1. They are cute, but they spit like camels, don't they ??

  2. Awww. They are cute. I've never heard of them. They remind me of llamas.

  3. THey are of the camel family, like llamas. :)

    They do spit, but very very rarely!! The one owner said they've had very few spitting episodes in the past few years :)

  4. Do you know what's even funnier? I was looking at your post about the alpacas right before we left! PURELY by chance! I think I stumbled onto your page by way of Andie's page. Isn't that freakishly weird?!?!?
    Glad you enjoyed the spider picture!